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Strength Course

Always wanted to lift weights but clueless on where to begin?

If you have little to no lifting experience, are looking to lose some weight and get strong, this course is for you!

Believe it or not, strength training is the most effective way to build a better body!

  • Basic Strength Course

    Over the course of 4 weeks, our coaches will guide you through the basics of lifting weights in the gym.

    We will focus heavily on technique in the compound lifts, with a huge emphasis on safety. We will also incorporate conditioning work that is aimed at helping you improve your cardiovascular system, as well as improve your general fitness!

    Upon finishing our course, you will become proficient at basic barbell lifting with an improved base of conditioning. This will equip you with the basic skills and confidence necessary to navigate the weight room!

    Upon completion, students will be able to

    • Bench press, overhead press, squat and deadlift confidently with a barbell (or dumbbells)
    • Learn other simple exercises that can be done with minimal equipment
    • Learn more about major muscle groups and the best ways to stimulate them to shape your body how you desire
    • Receive a free #getstrong T-shirt
    • Awarded with a Basic Strength Certificate for passing and eligibility for the Intermediate Strength course
  • Intermediate Strength Course

    In the Intermediate Strength course, you will use the skills that you have learnt and start on a full 16 weeks program. Be prepared to experience significant changes in terms of your physique, as well as lifting weights you previously would have never considered possible!

    At the end of 16 weeks, you will achieve an above average level of strength and fitness! Our coaches will be guiding you throughout the whole process with structured programming, ensuring consistent progress and safety.

    You will feel empowered with your new skills and never feel intimidated in the weight room ever again!

    At the end of the course, students will be able to

    • Achieve a minimum level of strength level (Refer to chart below)
    Exercise Men Women
    Bench 1.0 x BW 0.7 x BW
    Overhead Press 0.5 x BW 0.3 x BW
    Squat 1.2 x BW 1.0 x BW
    Deadlift 1.5 x BW 1.2 x BW
    • Acquire a deep knowledge of weight training and exercise selection
    • Understand basic programming progression
    • Receive an Intermediate Strength course certificate as well as a customized Elevate T-shirt
    • Enjoy incentives for various gym services, including PT packages
    • Enjoy discounts from our exclusive partners

Class Trainings

Not sure if you’re ready for Transformational Personal Training?

We have a variety of classes to cater to various goals, all along with the added bonus of having “classmates” to push and motivate you towards achieving your goals! 

Check them out below! 

  • High Intensity Interval

    Want a fun conditioning workout with strength elements thrown in?

    This is the class for you! This class mixes various elements of weight training, bodyweight movements and various core training techniques to provide a complete workout that will have you lying on the floor feeling energized by the end!

    Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, this is a great introductory type class for beginners!

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    *Limited to one trial per person

  • Beyond Barbells

    Looking for a refreshing change from the usual barbell or machine work, but aiming to be stronger, leaner and faster? The beyond barbells class may be just the class for you!

    In this class, you will learn how to effectively coordinate and use your full body to overcome various implements like tyre flips, farmers walks, log presses etc. We’ll make you stronger, leaner and more explosive!

    Your body will become a machine and you will gain confidence in knowing what it’s capable of accomplishing!

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    *Limited to one trial per person

Still in doubt?

Speak to us and we’ll share more on how you can achieve a fitter, leaner, healthier YOU today!

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