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Personal Training

Here at Elevate Gym, we care about your fitness goals.  We focus entirely on customizing training programs for your lifestyle and leaving nothing to chance.

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Still not convinced? Here are some of the testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Zach Tan



Meet 27-year-old Zach, a professional tax consultant in a major firm. When he first came to us, he was frustrated. He was overweight, and couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath.


Zach was pulling long hours at work and regularly missed meals. Despite some attempts at jogging over the weekends, he wasn’t able to drop any fat.


To accommodate his busy schedule, we put him on a twice a week weight training program, cut out his cardio and made sure he had his 3 regular meals. He would regularly feedback on how the week’s plan went during weekly client check-ins and this allowed us to continuous tweak and adjust parts of his plan to ensure he continually progressed.


Within 10 weeks, he shed 9kg of weight and dropped from 114kg to 105kg, and gained 3kg of muscle (measured on a bio-impedance scale)! The best part of this is that he managed to incorporate the fitness plan into his lifestyle. In his own words:


“I always thought that meant I had to count my calories and cook my own meals. However, he managed to help me with lifestyle changes, constantly tracking my progress by maintaining constant contact with me through Whatsapp. I didn’t need to count calories and just followed the eating guidelines that he had set for me.


By working on portion control methods, I was able to lose 9kg in 10 weeks, all while barely feeling like I had to make huge sacrifices in my food choices. I originally had some shoulder and back pains from my years of rowing, but now I’m able to move better and the pains are virtually gone.


Training-wise, I was in the gym training 2 days a week, each session lasting no more than an hour! Considering that’s barely 1.7% of my time, I think it was definitely a worthwhile investment! My co-workers and peers have even complimented me on my leaner self. My work performance has gone up and I feel way less lethargic at this lighter weight than I did before.


I’m really thankful to my coach for not just changing my physique but also helping me change my life!”


If you’re as frustrated as Zach was and want to make a lasting change for the better book your free consultation with us now!

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Kaleb is a 31-year-old accountant who works fairly regular work hours. When he first approached us, he was already going to the gym 5 days a week!


However, he was frustrated at his lack of progress as he just could not get lean despite the tremendous amount of training and cardio he was doing. In addition, he found it difficult to stick to traditional healthy eating diets and would often give them up after barely a week of trying them out.


Upon further consultation, we realized that he was doing way too much unnecessary work and reduced his training days from 5 to 3, keeping his workouts short and focused. We also accommodated his diet to include the foods he enjoyed eating and taught him various tricks to help with his portion control.


As a result, within 8 weeks, he managed to cut 4kg of weight and drop his body fat percentage from 22% to 13% (measured on bio-impedance scale)!


Here’s what he has to say:

“I was avidly going to the gym 5 days a week and had been trying to get lean and increase my strength. I was 90kg then, squatting and deadlifting with bad form and had a high amount of body fat.  I decided to work with Coach Twain as my strength wasn’t going up and I kept getting injured as well.  In 10 weeks I had abs unflexed (pictured) and was down to 83kg. By the end of my 24th week, my weight had dropped to 75kg, and for the first time in my life I was ripped! 


My strength had gone up, hitting maxes way beyond what I was previously capable of, at a much lighter bodyweight. I’ve also had a functional form of scoliosis that both Coach Twain and Coach Chee has helped me correct through rehabilitative work whilst continuing my strength training. Most importantly, I am performing all the movements with better form and I haven’t got injured since.  


The team of coaches at Elevate is undoubtedly knowledgeable in their field. I strongly recommend Elevate Gym if you are looking to achieve your fitness goals!”


IF you want to stop spinning your wheels like Kaleb and finally get some results, book your free consultation with us now!

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Gary was tired of being out of shape and wanted to lean out and get stronger for his goal of playing soccer again. He had not much experience in the gym and was afraid of getting injured as he had some chronic issues in his ankles and shoulders.


We helped him devise a 4 times a week training and helped plan his diet such that he could accommodate the foods most available to him around his workplace. Throughout the process he never needed to count calories and learned how to control portion sizes to help him towards his goal.


Whilst he only dropped 2kg within the 8 weeks on the program, his body fat dropped from 20% to 11%. (measured on a bio-impedance scale)!


Here’s his own take on the whole experience:

“Massive thanks to the Elevate Team for helping me reach my goals of getting a bigger chest, back and calves whilst losing fat! This was done in a short TWO months!


Aesthetics aside, I had great improvements in my ankle mobility, which had been giving me issues for years. Not only am I looking better, my body feels way more functional!


Each training session lasted no more than 1 hour, and I was at the gym 3 to 4 days a week. Whilst the training was intense, the sessions were tremendously fun and always left me feeling accomplished and motivated. Aside from our training sessions, we were also in contact via whatsapp and email, which made it easier for me to keep him updated about any issues I faced.


I strongly recommend Coach Twain and the professional team of trainers at Elevate to help you with your health and fitness goals!”


Whether or not you have experience in the gym, you too can make such a transformation. All you need to do is book your free consultation with us today!

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