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Big shout-out to Coach Twain for his training and diet advice that helped me reach my goals of focusing growth on my chest, back and calves, and of course LOSING FAT! This was done in TWO SHORT MONTHS while I was away on a holiday!

Not only am I LOOKING BETTER, my body feels WAY MORE FUNCTIONAL too! Constant contact made it easier for me to updated him and monitor my transformation progress. I strongly recommend him and his professional team of trainers to help you with your health and fitness goals!

Jeremy Lim, 25, Banker

In 2015, I decided to take part in a physique competition, and even though I always trained hard in the gym but I was clueless how to really get my diet right.

With Coach Twain’s meticulous planning for my diet and contest preparation, I literally saw VISIBLE CHANGES TO MY BODY WEEK AFTER WEEK. I GOT RIPPED and eventually PLACED 2ND IN MY CATEGORY for the Physique Nationals.

It's amazing how his plans LITERALLY WORKED LIKE MAGIC when I followed them to the letter. Anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, Twain and his team will get you on the right track!

Reshveen, 26, Business Owner

When I first approached Coach Twain, I ran regularly, was an active member of my dragonboat team, however, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t lose weight despite keeping an active lifestyle.

Coach Twain managed to help and encourage me with my lifestyle changes, constantly tracking my progress by maintaining constant contact with me through mobile. I didn’t need to count calories and just followed the eating guidelines that he had set for me. Besides diet, I was in the gym training 4 days a week (barely 2.3% of my time), each session lasting no more than an hour!

Through his methods, I successfully LOST 9KG in 10 WEEKS!, all while barely feeling like I had to make huge sacrifices in my food choices. Not only that, the accumulated shoulder and back pains from my years of rowing are virtually gone, and now I’m able to move freely without winching.

Both my Co-workers and peers complimented me on my leaner self, personally, I feel WAY LESS LETHAGIC AND MUCH MORE CONFIDENT than I ever was. I’m really thankful to have found Coach Twain and can’t wait to embark on my next transformation package!!

Zach Tan, 34, Trader

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